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Real Life Guru

Have you designed your life the way you want ? If your deepest desires were fulfilled, how would your life change ? Formal education neglects at least seven essential areas of learning :

  • How best to learn ?
  • How to maximize your wellness ?
  • How to live your life on purpose ?
  • How to design and create the life you desire ?
  • How to be catalyst for other’s growth and development ?
  • How to be a good spouse ?
  • How to be an effective parent ?

After our formal education, we spend about 90-95 percent of our time functioning within these seven ares.

Formal education and teachers do not teach people how to really discover who they really are , they don’t teach them

  • spirituality and life purpose
  • Living within their own boundaries of integrity
  • Social / relationship skills
  • How to achieve their potential
  • How to contribute their unique gift to the society
  • How to creatively benefit from change
  • How to use their potential strengths to overcome their weaknesses

In other words we are not taught how to design and implement a fulfilling life !

If you would like me to blog on a topic , please put your thoughts in the comments section.


One Response so far.

  1. anonymous says:

    Good start. looking forward to read more.

Real Life Guru

Have you designed your life the way you want ? ...